1. Murals

    I have done community murals, home murals as well as murals for businesses. I take a design approach to all my business murals and many businesses have benefited from the image the mural has given to the business.

  2. Unique Signage

    When your business demands a unique sign design, or possible hand painted look.  I can do that.

  3. Graphic Design

    Being employed for 15 years for an Ad Agency in Rochester Minnesota, taught me how to work closely with clients.

    By listening closely to my clients and then applying my skills, I am able to accurately give clients what they

  4. Illustration

     Throughout my career I have done illustrations for children's books, cartoons and graphic art for brochures, as well as on-site caricature drawings at parties. 


In 2014 I was the recipient of the Mayor's Ardee Award for Public Art.

My formal education is in illustration, design and advertising. Since 1999 I have extended my work to include wall murals. This is the work that I have found my true passion as an artist. Most of my murals are in Rochester Minnesota. My murals can also be found in Southern Minnesota as well as South Dakota and Denver, Colorado. My mural work in Rochester has won me the Mayor's Award for Public Art in 2014. I have designed and painted murals, signs, or graphics and at times even carved art relief sculptors to create a unique look for the outside and inside of buildings. If you are thinking of creating a unique idea for your business or home, contact me today to bring your ideas to life.