Wall Mural and Graphic Design Artist

My name is Greg Wimmer, and I have been painting murals in and around the Rochester, Minnesota, since the early nineties. Businesses and communities outside of Rochester in Denver, Colorado, Rapid City and Huron, South Dakota, and Marshall and Austin, Minnesota have also commissioned my work.
Business Wall Murals
I am also happy to provide my graphic design services to businesses and organizations throughout the area. Throughout my years as a mural artist, I have found that murals are a great way for small businesses to gain visibility in the community. Using wall murals allows you to be bold and let your business' personality shine through with an eye catching custom design. Regardless of the type of business you own, create a unique look tailored to your services and audience.
Wall Murals in Homes
I also do mural work in private residences for homeowners across the region. Whether you are purchasing a new home or looking to update the look of your current residence, murals are ideal decorating options for kid's rooms and other areas throughout the house. Mural illustrations can foster your child's imagination with larger-than-life depictions of knights or explorers on distant planets. A wall mural can make every day an adventure in your home.
Do you have big walls and even bigger ideas? I am proud to work with residents and business owners throughout Rochester and beyond. In addition to murals, I also offer logo design services, book illustrations and more.
  1. Murals

    I have done community murals, home murals as well as murals for businesses. I take a design approach to all my business murals and many businesses have benefited from the image the mural has given to the business.

  2. Unique Signage

    When your business demands a unique sign design, or possible hand painted look.  I can do that.

  3. Graphic Design

    Being employed for 15 years for an Ad Agency in Rochester Minnesota, taught me how to work closely with clients.

    By listening closely to my clients and then applying my skills, I am able to accurately give clients what they

  4. Illustration

     Throughout my career I have done illustrations for children's books, cartoons and graphic art for brochures, as well as on-site caricature drawings at parties.